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How Does One Join First Presbyterian Church of Hopkinsville?

To become an active member of First Presbyterian Church, simply inform the Pastor or member of the Session (Elder) of your wish and a session meeting will be called to receive you. In the Presbyterian Church, there are three ways people become members:

Affirmation of Faith – Those who have never made a public profession of faith are asked to do so before the Session and congregation in worship. If he/she has not been baptized, that sacrament will be done in conjunction with this profession. If a person has been baptized already (albeit another denomination), that sacrament is not repeated.

Reaffirmation of Faith – If a person has been baptized and received into the membership of another church, but a long period of time has lapsed since activity in that church, and the person wants to “start fresh”, he/she can reanswer before the session and congregation in worship the questions posed for public profession of faith.

Transfer of Memebership - If a person is an active or inactive member of another church, our session can write to that church and request the letter of membership be transferred. Whether the “home church” responds or not is not relevant to full membership here.