Outreach Ministries and Missions

The Salvation Army Soup Kitchen provides hundreds of individuals with a hot meal and a place of refuge each day. The support of this community mission by First Presbyterian volunteers began in the 1980s. Today, members continue to cook and serve lunch every Friday. http://www.paradisedivision.org/hopkinsville/soup-kitchen/ 

The Bus Stop - In 2004 First Presbyterian purchased the former bus station property next to the church’s parking lot. After a great deal of interior renovation, the Winners Group of Narcotics Anonymous began using The Bus Stop in 2007 and continues today with meetings seven days a week. 

Living Waters for the World is a ministry of our Presbyterian Church (USA) Synod of Living Waters. Its volunteers provide sustainable clean water for communities in need throughout the world. This mission has been supported by donations and participation of First Presbyterian members. For more information visit http://www.livingwatersfortheworld.org/ 

Medical Missions to Nicaragua - For more than ten years the congregation of First Presbyterian has supported medical mission trips to Nicaragua. The support has included donations, help in packing medical supplies, and volunteers working in one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. 

Heifer International's mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. First Presbyterian’s support for the Heifer Project began in 1987 with donations to buy livestock for people in third world countries in order to help them rise from poverty. In the years since then, donations have been large enough to buy “arks” of livestock. For more information visit the website: http://www.heifer.org/ 

Support is contributed to the following community programs:

Arron McNeil Crisis Relief Center http://www.aaronmcneil.org/

Pennyroyal Veterns Center, 506 Boales St, Hopkinsville

Sanctuary House http://www.sanctuaryinc.net/ 

Souper Bowl of Caring is a mission of the youth of the church to fight hunger and poverty within the community. On Super Bowl Sunday, they take up a collection of food and money to be donated to a local hunger-relief charity. http://www.souperbowl.org/ 

Shoebox Ministry is a mission sponsored by our youth group. In November, the congregation and others in the community help the youth group pack shoeboxes with Christmas gifts, which are then delivered to children in the Appalachia area of Kentucky. 

Home and Foreign Mission Support:

One Great Hour of Sharing http://onegreathourofsharing.org/

Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering http://www.presbyterianmission.org/donate/303/

Christmas Joy Offering http://www.presbyterianmission.org/donate/CJ999999/

Presbyterian Women Thank Offering http://www.presbyterianmission.org/donate/302/